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How to use massages correctly for the elderly


Massager, it can simulate the hands, through kneading, pinching, pressing, knocking and other methods, to promote local blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, alleviate muscle fatigue. However, because the massager is high-frequency mechanical vibration or rolling to stimulate the body massage, so not all the elderly are suitable for use. In fact, the principles of various massagers are very similar, are high-frequency mechanical vibration of the human body stimulating massage, promote the blood circulation of the stimulated parts, accelerate the metabolism of this part of the organization, so as to achieve fitness results. The aging of various parts of the elderly, mostly osteoporosis / vascular aging and other physical degradation phenomenon. Massage equipment is generally based on vibration massage, long-term use will stimulate the soft tissue of the elderly, and even lead to facet joint dislocation of the spine.

The elderly use of massagers should pay attention to one thing, choose the appropriate massager should choose a faster vibration frequency, vibration intensity is weaker electric massager, and electromagnetic massager because of slow vibration frequency, vibration intensity is larger, more suitable for young and middle-aged people to use. Two, the use of time should not be too long to adjust the intensity and frequency of massage, from light to heavy, from less to more. The best time to control is about 20 minutes, 1 times in the morning and evening. 3. Should pay attention to the use of methods to hold the arm of the massager to be more flexible, do not hold too tight, vibrating head can not compress the skin, everything should be natural, feel comfortable; in use if there is a stop vibration, heating too high, abnormal sound and other abnormal phenomena, should immediately stop using. Fourth, we should pay attention to the timing in order to avoid adverse consequences, in the fasting, full, drunk and strenuous exercise after the use of electronic massager. Massage at this time can further accelerate blood flow, gastric smooth muscle peristalsis enhanced, easy to cause nausea, vomiting, chest tightness and other discomforts.

3 kinds of old people should not use massager 1, suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the risk of bleeding itself is relatively large, and the use of massager will accelerate blood flow, invisibly increased the risk of disease. This kind of old people especially not suitable in the neck and other parts of the vascular concentration at will massage, otherwise easy to stimulate the carotid sinus, resulting in blood pressure drop, heart rate slowdown and other critical conditions. 2. Elderly people with cervical and lumbar vertebral diseases are prone to joint dislocation and aggravation if the massager is improperly used. 3, elderly people suffering from surgical diseases such as cancer or carbuncle should not use massages. This is because the stimulation of the massager on the surface of the body, will cause telangiectasia, local blood flow increased, easily lead to the spread of lesions and aggravate the disease. Experts pointed out that due to the deterioration of human function, the elderly to external stimulus stress reduction, so the use of massagers should not be too strong, too long, the elderly with poor health should be more cautious. Compared with massages, unarmed massage is a better choice for the elderly. Bare-handed massage can not only flexibly grasp the strength of massage, but also easy to pinch accurately the part of massage, it is a good way for the elderly health.

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